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Coconut Oil Deodorant

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Coconut oil deodorant has been the buzz on YouTube, Pinterest and several organic hippie blogs I follow. The prospect of making my deodorant, though, seems daunting and messy. Moreso, the idea of coconut oil in my deodorant sounds a little, well, oily and I don’t want to associate that with my underarms. Needless to say, I’ve been avoiding the idea, but when my latest stick of Arm & Hammer Natural Deodorant ran out, I was desperate for something deodorizing.

I found a deodorant recipe in our cookbook, Delicious Meets Nutritious, and also watched videos of how to make deodorant with coconut oil. Luckily enough, I had all the ingredients right in my pantry: cornstarch, baking soda, and coconut oil. I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to me or my wallet to at least try, so I did:


The recipe is a 1:1 ratio of everything. If you use 1/4 cup of cornstarch, use 1/4 cup of everything else. If you use 1 cup of cornstarch, use 1 cup of everything else, excluding essential oil.

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Get a small amount (about 1/4 teaspoon) on your fingertip and rub into your skin. Use daily.

I have to say that this is easily the best deodorant I have ever tried. The baking soda and cornstarch make the mixture powdery and dry to the touch keeping you naturally fresh and dry during the day. I add lavender essential oil to the mix for a subtle scent that actually leaves my clothes smelling better than before I wore them.

One more point to consider is my husband also approves of this product. He isn’t very picky about many things but when it comes to smells he definitely is. (We have air freshener in every room of the house.) He is a long-time wearer of Men’s Speed Stick with anti-perspirant, so when I begged him to try my homemade potion he was skeptical at the least. But he really did love it and was even more pleased to know that it wouldn’t stain his clothes like store bought anti-perspirants and deodorants will. If I can win my husband over, I’m sure I can win anyone over. This deodorant is healthy and effective. Give it a try!

Here are a few more perks of homemade coconut oil deodorant:


GMO-free (use non-GMO arrowroot powder, found at health food stores)

Anti-bacterial (coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial; use grapefruit essential oil for even more anti-bacterial power)


All Natural

Aluminum-free (Anti-perspirants contain aluminum, a metal that is absorbed into your skin and blocks your body from emitting sweat which carries toxins out of the body. This natural deodorant, however, will allow your body to emit the toxins but in a non-offensive way. Metals can cause cancer in the body, but coconut oil will not!)

. . . and CHEAP! (If you don’t already have these ingredients in your pantry, it will cost you pennies to make a deodorant that will last for most of the year)

Really, I don’t know why more people are not doing this!

1/4 cup Cornstarch (or non-GMO arrowroot powder)

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup coconut oil

2-5 drops lavender essential oil

Combine cornstarch and baking soda in a large bowl. With a spoon add coconut oil one spoonful at a time. Stir slowly. Mixture will begin to crumble. Add another spoonful of coconut oil and mix until mixture becomes pasty and thick. If it becomes oily or runny, add more cornstarch and baking soda. Once pasty, add essential oil, fold in then store in an airtight container. Tupperware works great!

How to use: Get a small amount (about 1/4 teaspoon) on your fingertip and rub into your skin. Use daily.