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What is Organic Agave Nectar?

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Organic agave nectar is a sweet viscous liquid substance that is harvested from the agave plant. Agave nectar, also known as agave syrup, is used as a natural healthy sweetener or sugar replacement in cooking and baking because it has a lower glycemic index than usual table sugar. It is also sweeter than table sugar, so less agave nectar needs to be used in place of sugar in recipes.

Agave nectar is a healthy sugar substitute and some brands of agave nectar are considered a raw food because of the low temperatures at which it is processed. But let’s talk a little bit about where it comes from before we get too deep into the health benefits of agave nectar.

How is Organic Agave Nectar Produced?

Agave plants only grow naturally in warm climates such as Mexico. The most common type of organic raw agave nectar is organic blue agave nectar because it is harvested from the blue agave plant. Blue agave plants produce rich, sweet nectar, which is the same nectar used to make tequila. BetterBody Foods also uses the nectar from the Agave Salmiana, or white agave, for its special blend of organic agave syrup that has the most health benefits of any agave nectar.

Agave nectar nutrition is kept intact thanks to how it is processed. Agave nectar is carefully harvested from the plant in a similar way to how maple syrup in collected. It is then processed at low temperatures to avoid breaking down agave nectar’s naturally healthy enzymes. It is never cooked or boiled. The raw agave nectar is then carefully bottled and prepared for shipping to stores and homes all over the world.

How is Agave Nectar Used?

Agave nectar is primarily used in sugar substitute baking and cooking. Cooking with agave syrup is actually very easy because it is in liquid form, making sautéing, pan cooking, and other types of hands-on cooking easy to taste and alter as you go. Cooking with agave does sometimes take some practice because it is sweeter than sugar, but it doesn’t take long to figure out.

Baking with agave syrup can be more difficult because baked goods, particularly cakes, breads, and cookies, require precise measurements of wet and dry ingredients. It is best to first try using agave in baking with recipes specifically made to use agave before experimenting with other recipes. Agave nectar recipes are all over the internet, or you can go to the BetterBody Foods recipe site for a variety of recipes, with new ones added every day.

Agave nectar is a favorite ingredient in drinks or other liquid foods, like salad dressings, because it dissolves quickly and easily. Many people choose to drink agave nectar coffee and agave nectar tea for its sweet taste that doesn’t break the diet calorie budget.

Is Organic Agave Nectar Healthy?

Agave nectar nutrition is a hot topic of debate in the health world. Despite some controversy over which sugar alternatives are the healthiest, tastiest, or most natural, there are a few things everyone agrees on about agave syrup nutritional facts.

  1. Agave nectar calories are fewer per teaspoon than table sugar.
  2. The agave nectar glycemic index is lower than table sugar at only 30 to 35.
  3. When consumed, table sugar spikes body sugar levels, unlike agave nectar. Diabetes patients often use agave nectar in their diets to make things sweet.
  4. Agave nectar is sweeter than sugar, so not as much of it needs to be used in cooking and baking with agave as with sugar.

BetterBody Foods agave nectar, Agave, is even healthier than most agave nectars. Since it is a blend of blue and white agave, it has higher levels of natural enzymes, calcium, iron, vitamins, and Inulin. Inulin is an energy sustaining nutritious fiber that supports healthy eating habits and improves bone density by increasing calcium absorption. Other sugar substitutes leave your body to crash after the sugar is digested and make you want more sugar.

Where is Agave Nectar available?


Since the rise in popularity of agave nectar for health and taste reasons, where to buy agave nectar isn’t as much of an issue. Agave nectar is regularly found in grocery stores with sugar and sugar substitutes. If, for some reason, your local grocery store does not carry agave nectar, health food stores should definitely have multiple varieties.

BetterBody Foods, a company dedicated to bringing healthy ingredients into cooking and baking, has multiple online options for purchasing agave nectar. BetterBody Foods Agave can be found at many local grocery stores, but it is also always available from our official online distributor Other BetterBody Foods products include organic coconut oil and pure vanilla extract.

For the most health benefits from agave nectar, buy BetterBody Foods Agave as your organic agave nectar today.