Healthy + Tasty,

sitting in a tree...

Go ahead. Carve them into your kitchen table.

A while back, our founder Stephen got the word from his doctor about his blood sugar. And the word was “Yikes.”

Naturally, he decided to make some lasting changes. Get healthier. But… not give up flavor.

So, when a friend introduced him to agave, he said ‘Yum!’ Then he said, ‘That’s it!’ Then he was out the door. To Mexico, land of agave. And then to Asia, for life- and cooking-changing coconut oil, coconut flour and coconut palm sugar. And that was just the start.

Today, lots of people are saying ‘Yum, that’s it!’

And Stephen and the gang are working away in a certified-organic operation at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. There, whenever they say “Yum! That’s it!” you get deliciously better foods like the world-famous, low-fat peanut butter powder, PBfit®. You know, the kind of foods you and your family actually want to eat.

And that’s something worth committing to—even if you’re not into carving up your kitchen décor.