PBfit & Chocolate PBfit Nutrition Facts Just Got an Update!
But The Recipes Stayed The Same!

By Joshua Faber /

22 May 2018

Exciting things have been happening with food in 2018

You have no doubt noticed that nutrition facts panels have a new look. These exciting changes were made by the FDA to make sure that you are able to make better-informed decisions for your health.

Along with these nutrition fact updates, serving size requirements for various foods, including peanut butter, were also standardized.

In order to comply with the updated regulation and provide a more accurate serving size equivalency, we’ve increased the serving size of both the Regular and Chocolate PBfit Powdered Nut Butters. When prepared according to our new serving size, your PBfit will be a deliciously thick and peanut buttery spread that’s as close to conventional peanut butter as you can get (because nobody wants a watery PB&J!)

PBfit is leading the industry with this serving size update because we believe product labels should reflect how customers actually use their products. Our mission to make the best powdered peanut butter on the market so that you can confidently put it in everything you make. It’s a versatile and healthier alternative to traditional peanut butter. Get your own jar of the classic PBfit Peanut Butter Powder today!

What this means

PBfit Regular and PBfit Chocolate serving sizes have increased from 12g to 16g of dry powder. This has caused the following changes to the nutritionals.


One serving of PBfit Regular now has 8g of protein, and one serving of PBfit Chocolate now has 5g of protein. That’s a lot of protein!


One serving of PBfit Regular and PBfit Chocolate now have 70 calories, which is still just about 1/3 the calories of traditional peanut butter or other chocolate nut spreads!


One serving of PBfit now has 2g of fat, which means that it has 87% less fat than a serving of traditional peanut butter. PBfit Chocolate also has 2g of fat, which means that it has 82% less fat than other chocolate nut spreads!

Don’t worry

PBfit Regular and PBfit Chocolate are still made with the same great recipe as before. This update will have no effect on the delicious peanut butter that you know and love!

Label Variation

For a few months, you may still see bottles of PBfit Regular and PBfit Chocolate with the previous nutritional information. It is still the same great PBfit! As always, check the best by date, consume with confidence and spread the love!

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