Creamy Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing

You probably eat salads because they are "better for you," but have you ever taken a minute to read the ingredients list on your favorite salad dressing? Especially if that dressing is a creamy salad dressing... Yikes!
It turns out that making Salad dressing is actually pretty easy! This one can be made in under 5 minutes and the ingredients are super simple and good for you.


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3/4 Cup Naturally Refined Avocado Oil
1/4 Cup Organic Coconut Vinegar
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Basil
1/2 Cup Raspberries
1/4 Cup Water


Combine all ingredients in a blender.
Blend until vinaigrette is creamy and smooth.
Drizzle over a salad and enjoy!

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