Strawberry PBfit® Wrap

Vegan Vegetarian Dairy Free
Calories: 374Carbs: 56Proteins: 22Fats: 9Serves: 1

A great way to reduce processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup is to replace your regular jars of jam and jelly for natural fruit. We simply sliced strawberries and added it to our BetterBody Foods (BBF) PBfit® powdered peanut butter on a wrap to create a perfect school lunch or after school snack that you can really feel good about sinking your teeth into.


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1 wrap or tortilla
5 Tbsp BBF PBfit® (mixed into a peanut butter spread with water)
Handful of strawberries
1 Tbsp BBF Organic Agave (optional)

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1. Mix PBfit with water to desired thickness.

2. Slice strawberries.

3. Lay out the wrap or tortilla, and spread the freshly mixed PBfit on it. Top the wrap with sliced strawberries.

4. Roll, cut and serve.

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