Thai Peanut Springroll Wrap

Calories: 251Carbs: 26Proteins: 11Fats: 12Serves: 2

Thai Peanut sauce happens to be one of our favorite things at BetterBody Foods (BBF). We created a healthier low calorie version using BBF PBfit® peanut butter powder that you can add to almost any dish. It’s so good we literally sometimes just drink it…for reals. For this dish we put away our straws and added julienned veggies on top of a Flatout wrap. It’s the perfect veggie crunch with a sweet and a little salty peanut sauce.


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—— Wrap Ingredients ——
1 Flatout wrap
1 hard-boiled egg
1 Handful of julienned pepper
1 Handful of julienned carrot
1 Handful of julienned cucumber
fresh cilantro
1 Handful of crushed peanuts
—— Thai Peanut PBfit® Sauce ——
1 Tbsp BBF Organic Agave

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1 Cup coconut milk
1 Tbsp soy sauce
1/2 small lime (juiced)
1/4 Cup BBF Organic
crushed red pepper (to taste)
1 inch piece of ginger


1. Lay out wrap and layer with julienned veggies of your choice.

2. Add sliced hard-boiled egg.

3. Top with cilantro and crushed peanuts.

4. For Thai Peanut sauce, add all ingredients to blender and mix till smooth.

5. Drizzle sauce over top of wrap.

5. Enjoy.

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